How to stretch dough

stretching dough

Stretching dough is one of the most important skill that you need if you want to make pizzas. This article will be only about stretching, so let’s assume you got the right dough (right ingredient ratio, not missing oil etc.,) skip to 1 minute. So what just happened? 1. He pushed the dough from middle to […]

Make pizza

Pizza mozzarella

Almost everybody know how is pizza and what it looks like. For whom that didn’t know: here is a little preview. Pizza is enormously popular dish in the world. Especially in Italy, United states of America and Brazil. Generally pizza is thin round shaped bread covered with pizza topping and mozzarella cheese. On top is […]

Types of pizza

Pizza margherita

It’s impossible to list all types of pizza due to various combinations. If you multiply dough*topping*ingredients you would get really large number, even if you count only with one type of dough you still get hundreds of possible combinations. Let’s start with three most popular. Pizza quattro formaggi (quatro queijos in Brazil) As the name […]

History of pizza

History of pizza

Do you like that circle shaped food? I bet you do! Either freshly from the oven, delivery box or cold after morning hangover. Pizza has been with us more than four centuries. Spreading from Naples in Italy to almost every corner of known world. In the begging Pizza was rather modest than rich like we […]

Papa John’s Pizza review

papa johns

1.Variety Papa John’s offers twelve types of pizza including extra topping (double bacon etc.), sides – wings and bread sticks  and two dessert pizzas (apple and cinnamon pie). 2.Taste Almost no different between Pizza Hut and Papa John’s, only difference is Papa John’s dough is much thinner. 3.Customer service Sometime they forget to bring extra […]

Pizza Hut review


1.Variety Pizza Hut offers nine types of pizza including vegetarian, two types of pasta, several chicken wings, few sides and desserts. 2.Taste In general they are using good ingredients, but sauce is disappointment. The reason is that they are using cheap corn flavor syrup which ruined the taste of sauce. 3.Customer service Time between order and eating […]

Pizza food chains


Greetings to all readers in 2013 There’s a lot of work in year 2013 for I would like to review as much Pizza Food chains as possible. Beginning with the most popular and most wanted from you readers! Every week at least one review. Please leave a comment which Pizza food chain you are […]

Questions & Answers – answers


Firstly I want to thank you for your questions! 1.  [quote] Hi, I would like to know what is your favorite pizza? also topping. Thanks JimmyD. [/quote]  Hi JimmyD My favorite is with onion on the top, but this is true only for this year, because I changing my favorite pizza in year period. My […]

Questions & Answers


Firstly I have to apologize for not add new recipes in long time, reason isn’t important.   There are a lot of unanswered questions about Pizza and Pizza business and it’s very difficult for me choose the right ones. So I would like to ask you if you can write into to comments right below this […]

BBQ Chicken pizza


BBQ Chicken pizza  Ingredients dough, for two balls formula: 260 g. strong bread flour 172 g. lukewarm water (about 66%, slightly less than the 68.5% I normally use) 3/4 tsp. salt 1 tsp. yeast topping: Heinz Tomato Frito Yildriz BBQ (use any with actual smoke aroma) smoked cubes of bacon chicken fillet baked in the […]

Olive bar – Focaccia style


Pizza Olive bar Ingredients dough formula: A/P flour   100.00% Water   70% Starter   6% Olive Oil   2% Fresh Milk   6% Salt       3% Baked Potato 27% Roasted red peppers Sun-dried tomatoes Capers Anchovies Mushrooms Roasted garlic While beans Olives Salami bits Cippolini onions – balsamic glazed Olive oil Direction Make dough as usual (not necessary round shape). Place all the ingredients on […]