30th May2013
stretching dough

How to stretch dough

Stretching dough is one of the most important skill that you need if you want to make pizzas. This article will be only about stretching, so let’s...

04th Feb2013
papa johns

Papa John’s Pizza review

1.Variety Papa John’s offers twelve types of pizza including extra topping (double bacon etc.), sides – wings and bread sticks  and two dessert pizzas (apple and cinnamon...

01st Feb2013

Pizza Hut review

1.Variety Pizza Hut offers nine types of pizza including vegetarian, two types of pasta, several chicken wings, few sides and desserts. 2.Taste In general they are using good ingredients,...

29th Jan2013

Pizza food chains

Greetings to all readers in 2013 There’s a lot of work in year 2013 for howtomakepizza.eu I would like to review as much Pizza Food chains as...

19th Nov2012

Questions & Answers – answers

Firstly I want to thank you for your questions! 1.   Hi JimmyD My favorite is with onion on the top, but this is true only for this...

14th Nov2012

Questions & Answers

Firstly I have to apologize for not add new recipes in long time, reason isn’t important.   There are a lot of unanswered questions about Pizza and Pizza...

27th Oct2012

BBQ Chicken pizza

BBQ Chicken pizza  Ingredients dough, for two balls formula: 260 g. strong bread flour 172 g. lukewarm water (about 66%, slightly less than the 68.5% I normally...

25th Oct2012

Spring trio pizza

Ingredients dough topping: mozzarella cheese morels ramps fiddle-heads Direction Place mozzarella cheese on the top like a topping . Saut together morels, ramps and fiddle-heads and place...

23rd Oct2012

Potato Rosemary Roasted Garlic pizza pie

Potato Rosemary Roasted Garlic pizza pie Ingredients dough formula: Amt                  Bakers      % Flour        ...

21st Oct2012

Olive bar – Focaccia style

Pizza Olive bar Ingredients dough formula: A/P flour   100.00% Water   70% Starter   6% Olive Oil   2% Fresh Milk   6% Salt       3% Baked Potato 27% Roasted red peppers Sun-dried tomatoes Capers Anchovies Mushrooms...