History of pizza

Do you like that circle shaped food? I bet you do! Either freshly from the oven, delivery box or cold after morning hangover. Pizza has been with us more than four centuries. Spreading from Naples in Italy to almost every corner of known world.

In the begging Pizza was rather modest than rich like we know it in these days. Usually comes with tomatoes, olive oil and oregano on the top. Explanations is clear, originally pizza was food mainly for poor harbor workers from Naples who couldn’t afford pay for fancy ingredients like cheese or salami.

Recession in Italy forced Italians try their luck somewhere else which was the main reason for spreading pizza across the globe. United States were the first, except the Europe, following by Brazil. Although pizza wasn’t very popular in Asian the change is on the horizon thanks to franchises like Pizza Hut or Domino’s Pizza.


19 August, 2012

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  1. Don’t worry about grammar, I’m not perfect either :). You should do some correction, but the form is not that bad. Pizza History is huge topic to cover, so I’m expecting there will be another part.

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