Pizza Hut review


Pizza Hut offers nine types of pizza including vegetarian, two types of pasta, several chicken wings, few sides and desserts.


In general they are using good ingredients, but sauce is disappointment. The reason is that they are using cheap corn flavor syrup which ruined the taste of sauce.

3.Customer service

Time between order and eating shouldn’t take more than seven minutes.


Pizza Hut is old franchise founded in 1958. For reasonable price you will get average pizza (could be better if they aren’t using cheap syrup) pretty fast.

Variety 7/10

Taste   6/10

C.S      7/10

Overall 6.5


01 February, 2013

One thought on “Pizza Hut review

  1. When I tried to promote my site (I’m selling printers like canon etc.) I ended here. Pizza Hut is not worst so 6.5 overall is fair if you ask me….but what I don’t really like is name…Pizza Hut…Pizza Hut, should be HAT!

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